E-Commerce developments

From 1996 Tecnofin is a leader in virtual store developments for medium and large companies.

  • Custom design according to the corporate image of your company.
  • Specifically configured to fit your business processes.
  • Integrated to your ERP / CRM systems.
  • Connected to your payment and shipping providers.
  • With e-marketing tools and interaction with social networks.
  • Fully administrable.

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Tecnofin has extensive experience to train your staff in various topics related to electronic commerce.

  • E-business and e-commerce
  • Market trends
  • Customer behavior
  • Business models and e-stores
  • Logistics in e-commerce
  • Payments and security
  • Digital marketing
  • Content management
  • Develop your business plan


Tecnofin can support your company in the configuration of its plan and infrastructure for electronic commerce.

  • Planning
  • Market analysis
  • Logistics and operations support
  • Technological infrastructure
  • Structure of organization and human resources
  • Definition of payment methods
  • Security schemes
  • Business plan

Hosting of the Tecnofín virtual stores

Tecnofin provides hosting for the stores that operate in world-class data centers in the US. Maintains processes and infrastructure so that the stores operate in optimal conditions with 7% availability 24 X 99.9.

  • Access control and security
  • Protection against cyber attacks
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Scheduled backups
  • Platform maintenance
  • Permanent automatic monitoring
  • Scaled automatic alarms system
  • Reaction to contingencies
  • Supervision and guards during weekends and holidays
  • Processes for optimizing application performance