About Us


Tecnofin was born in the early 90's with the aim of helping companies to enter the world of electronic commerce and e-banking, developing IT solutions according to their real needs.

Starting in 1996, Tecnofin opened its electronic commerce division, which has provided training, consulting and virtual store development services to more than a thousand companies.

We are a company 100% reliable and committed to our customers and their stores, which in addition to having expert developers, more than 20 years of experience in eCommerce and a broad portfolio of clients, we distinguish ourselves by the treatment with our appreciable clients, since we have an executive assigned to each one and a line of attention to users the 365 days of the year where we can solve any doubt, make changes and help solve any problem that may arise in your online store.


Since Tecnofín opened its electronic commerce division, it has provided services of:

  • Analysis and planning of e-commerce projects.
  • Customized developments for virtual stores
  • Integration with the administrative systems (ERP / CRM) of the company, with the banking systems and other payment intermediaries.
  • Hosting and technical support for our clients' e-commerce sites.
  • Advice on the various strategic and logistical aspects of electronic commerce.
  • Training and consulting in e-commerce and e-marketing.

Electronic banking

Since its foundation, it has supported various financial institutions mainly in its electronic banking projects:

  • Design and evaluation of electronic banking services
  • Design of dispersion services and concentration of funds and mass payments.
  • Strategies to promote electronic banking and payments services.
  • Process reengineering.
  • Design of investment products.
  • Market research for investment products, financing.

He has also provided training and consultancy to treasuries of large companies in:

  • Optimization of your treasury management processes.
  • Collection processes and concentration of funds.
  • Evaluation and improvement of the security of its processes of use of electronic banking services.


Tecnofín has given workshops on various topics such as electronic commerce, e-marketing, electronic banking, electronic means of payment, security in banking and electronic commerce, electronic administration of treasuries, etc.

He was also the organizer of more than 20 important congresses / exhibitions where more than 15,000 participants attended with more than 300 speakers of national and international renown:

  • Financial Summit: on electronic banking and finance.
  • Ecom: on electronic commerce.
  • Infosecurity Forum: on computer security.