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IC Intracom Mexico, a regional representative of a United States-based company that develops, manufactures, and distributes PC devices, accessories, and networking products under various brand names. Previously, it made its sales through a telemarketing department, that is, orders could only be made by phone or email. The company was growing and after several years, the number of orders increased significantly. Intracom began looking for an opportunity to offer customers a self-service option. Therefore, they decided to create their eCommmerce website. The main challenge was to integrate this page with your existing ERP system.

Site Features

  Registered customers can view the catalog online with prices and set up an order at any time of the day

  Management of different options for each course, in terms of headquarters, calendars and schedules.

  Registered customers can place their orders by selecting products with the standard category, manufacturer navigation and search functionality, and / or with an Excel list loaded in the web store

Depending on the client, the prices will be shown in Mexican pesos or US dollars with a conversion rate automatically downloaded from the ERP

Shipping and handling costs are added to an order invoice while the order is being configured

 Customer support through live chat.