Business portal (market place) that allows SMEs (buyers) to purchase capital goods in installments from various suppliers (sellers) who, in a multi-seller scheme, publish and supply their products financed through cards affiliated with the Nafin program.

Site Features

  Highly personalized design

  Distributed administration system that allows to manage the portal, monitor user activities and register previously approved vendors and various site administrators.

  Management area restricted so that each vendor can manage their microsite, products and orders.

  Registration module for buyers, with security schemes to verify the ownership of their cards affiliated with the program.

  Online calculator that allows buyers to know the different options of amortizing the amount of an order at different terms.

  Module that allows a buyer to request a quote for a product that can later be purchased with the price and characteristics offered by the respective seller.

  Separation of the products of an order among the various sellers involved, so that each item can be processed and paid individually.

  Interconnection of each vendor with the online collection system, with high security, of the cards affiliated with the system, which includes a fraud prevention mechanism.

  Online download of instructions and videos on the conditions of registration and operation of the portal.

  Interconnection with the online chat system of the Nafinsa help desk.

  System of monitoring and online registration of all the activities of the different users and administrators of the portal.

  Interconnection with the central data management and reporting system and Nafinsa.


Nafinsa currently develops and hosts its e-commerce site.