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Grupo Monge is one of the largest multinational companies in Central America (Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Peru) that sells motorcycles, electronics, cell phones, appliances and furniture. The company has its own weekly payment credit system. It is represented by more than 500 stores in all countries with more than 6000 employees.
Starting the online store was a challenge for the company. The company had also faced some technical and operational challenges: Grupo Monge had no prior experience in e-commerce and all processes and ERP had to be redone to integrate online sales; It was also a challenge to establish the credit system of the company online to give people this opportunity to pay online in weekly installments.

Site Features

 Highly personalized design.

 Credit request for clients to upload their official documents

 Viewing a customer's credit balance

 Display of different payment options (number of installments and quantities) during the order process

 Store, update and subsequently validate customer data and passwords through an online service to third parties (Safeway)

 Payments with PayPal and credit cards through a local bank

 Delivery functionality: customers can select the store of their choice. The order availability date is calculated and displayed

 Integration of the web store with SAP ERP and the Monge Credit System.

 Automatic license for MS software when buying a computer

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